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Key Points for Inspection and Repair of the Injection Moulding Machine Security Device


I. Electrical Security Device


There are limit switches on the front security door and back security door of the injection moulding machine for protection. Before the injection, make sure that both doors are closed. Normally, the back door is always closed and there are two limit switches on the front door for interlocking. Injection can only start after the back door is closed, and the front limit switch is press-fitted and the back limit switch is released. There shall be injection operators and dedicated repair personnel for daily inspection and maintenance. Mechanic repair personnel shall perform regular security inspection and maintenance. The key points for inspection and repair are as follows:


1. Check that the pulleys of the front and back security doors are normal, without problems, such as off-track or falling off.


2. Check that the pulleys are flexible and properly spaced and the bearings are intact.


3. Check that the security door frames are without cracked soldering, falling off, and breakage.


4. Check that the security door supports are stable, without loose screws or damaged supports.


5. Check that the limit switches are reliable, without faults, such as coming off, broken cables, short circuits or open circuits. When replacing limit switches, note that the connection methods for the front and back limit switches are different. The front limit switch is connected by press-fitting while the back one is connected by releasing. Make sure that the security doors are closed before injection.


II. Mechanical Security Device


The mechanical security device for the injection moulding machine is a mechanical protector installed above the security doors to prevent physical injury in the event of mechanical or electrical failure. The key points for inspection and repair are as follows:


1. Check that the protector bottom is stable, without problems, such as loose soldering or coming off.


2. Check that the security bar is not loose and the securing frame is stable.


3. Check that the security block is flexible, stable and reliable.


4. Check that the length spacing of the security bar is proper. The spacing shall be determined based the injection product. For example, the spacing for boxes is 120 mm.


5. Check that the back security cover net is intact.

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